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Corlinda Wooden, CCE, CCUFC

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant for Coopera, Corlinda is responsible for consulting with clients to help them dive into their data and identify ways that credit unions can better serve their community, support employees and accomplish their financial inclusion goals. Her goal is to help make a positive difference in the lives of financially vulnerable populations.


Corlinda has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Information Systems and Qualitative Analysis from the School of Business at Portland State University, is a certified financial coach, and is a graduate of the CUES CEO Institute. Corlinda was recently named American Banker’s Most Powerful Women in Credit Unions and in the past was named one of Credit Union Magazine’s CU Movement Rock Stars. In Corlinda’s 25 plus years within the financial industry, she has held many roles within the retail and training departments including Chief Retail Officer as well as Project Manager for Filene Research Institute’s Financial Empowerment Incubator.


Alongside the work completed at Coopera, Corlinda also serves as the President of Wooden Consulting where she specializes in leadership development, executive coaching, facilitating sales and service curriculum, and pushing innovative approaches to drive bottom line results.


When not hard at work, you can find Corlinda fully immersed with her husband, two girls, two fluffy cats, and a pandemic puppy. A perfect Friday night for the Wooden household consists of a dance party in their living room or a getaway to the Oregon coast. Work hard and play hard is one of the key messages instilled in her household.

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