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A little more than a decade ago, Coopera’s founder, Warren Morrow, a Mexican immigrant, conceived a powerful vision that serving the Hispanic community was not philanthropy but good business. Warren was a true visionary. In its 10-year history, Coopera has not only expanded the reach of credit union industry, but elevated the financial well being and dignity of the Hispanic population in the communities it serves. CUNA’s partnership with Coopera truly serves the principles of the credit union movement as the founders envisioned it. We look forward to many more years of success together.

- Jim Nussle, President and CEO



Gesa Credit Union (www.gesa.com)

Our partnership with Coopera has helped Gesa grow and expand the services we’re able to offer the Hispanic community and our members in a strategic and thought out way. Thanks to the expert guidance of the staff at Coopera, our credit union has formalized Hispanic growth strategies and metrics for measuring our success.

- Don Miller, CEO

Homesteaders Life Company (www.homesteaderslife.com)
West Des Moines, Iowa

We first engaged with Coopera in 2014 to better understand the Hispanic market from cultural differences to the community’s views on death and dying. At the time, we recognized that while we had a significant presence in high Hispanic-populated states, we might not be meeting our own internal expectations for providing the very best support and service for our Hispanic policy owners and agent partners.  We also felt there was an opportunity to position ourselves better for future growth with this young, fast-growing and underserved market. We knew that to be the provider of choice for this community, we needed to address the specific cultural, language and product needs of the market, amongst other areas. 

We have since worked with Coopera to better inform ourselves, to understand what it takes to serve the community well and to develop a strategic plan to more proactively include this underserved community. Coopera has been a strong strategic partner for us, and we look forward to continuing working with them into the future.

- Kim Medici-Shelquist, Senior VP - Planning Development

Homesteaders Life Company (www.homesteaderslife.com)
West Des Moines, Iowa

With a nationwide reach, our policy owner, agent and funeral home owner base is made up of a diverse population, including the fast-growing Hispanic population. A few years ago, we realized that we were not doing enough to meet the needs of this growing and underserved community, especially with what we offer, which is advance funeral planning and funding. We decided to start by learning more about the market and the opportunity at hand. Looking for expert help in working with diverse markets, we discovered Coopera. They have demonstrated much success in helping businesses structure their organizations to serve Hispanics and be better prepared to reach out to other underserved consumer groups. We’ve learned a great deal from Coopera. Perhaps the most important thing they helped us understand is that this is not a short-term initiative. We are only in the beginning stages of this journey. We are looking forward to working with Coopera into the future as we further develop our strategy and begin executing upon it.

- Steve Lange, Chairman, President and CEO

Hope Credit Union (www.hopecu.org)

Several years ago, Hope Credit Union made the decision to expand our efforts to meet the financial service needs of the Mid South’s growing Hispanic community.  Coopera’s guidance and insight have been vitally important in helping to ensure that our hiring, marketing, product development and other aspects of our work are culturally appropriate and respectful. We look forward to a long partnership with Coopera as we strive to become the preferred financial service provider for our Hispanic neighbors throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

- Bill Bynum, Chairman, President and CEO

Travis Credit Union (www.traviscu.org)

Vacaville, California

As an industry leader, Coopera’s partnership has been key in advancing our Hispanic initiatives.  Like all Credit Unions, we want to provide value and remain relevant to the markets we serve.  Since 2010, Coopera has helped us develop a culture and various programs to create more value for the fastest growing demographic group within our Field of Membership.  They helped us evolve from a state of awareness towards a trusted provider of services to the Hispanic market.  To date, they have helped us with identifying social values, providing cultural education and key market information for our board of directors, management and staff.  All of these tools have helped us develop a broad strategy.

- Barry Nelson, President and CEO

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