Warren Morrow Hispanic Growth Fund

Warren Morrow dedicated his life and career to helping the undeserved and specifically to empowering the Hispanic community. To continue his legacy, the Warren Morrow Hispanic Growth Fund, created by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), Coopera and the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF), will help Juntos Avanzamos Credit Unions continue their Hispanic outreach and community impact by fostering community outreach, product development and enhancement, personnel development and growth.

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Categories to apply for:

For 2017, credit union applicants can request up to $1,500 in one of the four categories: 

  • Hispanic Growth Products and Services. Purchase products and/or services specifically created to grow and serve the Hispanic market from Coopera, the only exclusive Hispanic credit union consulting company in the country. 
  • Hispanic Professional Development and Education. Use grant funds to equip Hispanic employees with training, education programs, tools and best practices to better serve emerging and underserved markets.
  • Hispanic Scholarship Program. Start or fund an existing scholarship program for Hispanic students.
  • Hispanic Community Outreach. Impact your Hispanic community through outreach programs. Eligible outreach must directly impact the Hispanic community, and may be accomplished by partnering with Hispanic-serving organizations, delivering Spanish curriculums and programing financial education opportunities for Hispanic members. 

Credit Union Eligibility:

  1. Be located in the United States and have $500 million or less assets.
  2. Have earned the national Juntos Avanzamos designation.
  3. Provide all the required documents to be considered for one of the grants.
  4. Present a project timeline for within three months of receiving the funds. Exceptions may be granted for projects starting within three months of receiving grant.
  5. Submit a grant impact summary recapping the implementation of the grant within a year.

Questions? Check out the FAQ

Download the application. The application deadline has been extended to August 22, 2017 and recipients will be notified on September 14, 2017.

Don't forget, your support of the Warren Morrow Hispanic Growth Fund assists credit unions in reaching and serving the Hispanic community with dignified financial services. Donate today!

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