Des Moines Metro Credit Union (www.dmmcu.org)
Des Moines, Iowa
Asset size: $42.9 million

Our branch is located in the heart of where the Des Moines Hispanic population lives and works. We started working with Coopera three years ago when we were looking to expand our business opportunities within the Hispanic community. Coopera’s Hispanic Member Analysis has been very helpful to consistently tracking our success in reaching the Hispanic market. It has helped us create benchmarks and goals to define our successes.

We rely on Coopera for accurate translations and assistance in creating culturally relevant products, services and materials. At their recommendation, we offer the Hispanic community many programs to meet our members’ financial needs, like a credit builder loan program and the prepaid Coopera Card.
Coopera has helped us set and reach our goals and kept us accountable. We have an excellent working relationship with Anna and Miriam. Anna meets with us on a monthly basis to help with outreach and marketing planning, and both Miriam and Anna meet with the management team and board on a quarterly basis to discuss where we are with our initiatives.

We would not have the successes we have today without their help. Before working with Coopera, we were having negative membership growth. Through our relationship with them, we are achieving positive, healthy growth, increasing our membership one percent per year, as well as growing assets, such as new checking accounts.

We will continue to look to Coopera in the future to help us grow at a steady pace and help us create new strategies.

- Traci Stiles, Business Development Manager

Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union
Amarillo, Texas
Asset size:
$180 million

With one in three residents in Amarillo belonging to the Hispanic community, any growth our credit union faces in the future must include targeting this population. This is why our business partnership with Coopera is so valuable.

With their consulting services, Coopera helps us develop ideas and initiatives that make our credit union more visible in the community, such as hosting a fiesta that was open to public. This one event generated more inquiries about our credit union than any other single effort we have tried before. Also, at Coopera’s recommendation, we implemented the Hispanic Opportunity Navigator (HON), which has helped us gauge where our strengths and opportunities are in serving the Hispanic community. And, we will be soon launching the prepaid Coopera Card to our members.

We also take advantage of Coopera’s translation and documentation services to ensure that our messages to the Hispanic community are right on target. And, we rely on the guidance they provide our Hispanic task force, which is made up of our bilingual employees who work closely with our Hispanic members. At Coopera’s recommendation, we have increased our bilingual staff in all six locations to best serve our Hispanic members’ needs.

Our staff has developed a close working relationship with Coopera’s entire team. Anna meets monthly with our Hispanic task force, and both Anna and Miriam meet with us quarterly to review our initiatives. In between those meetings, we know we can pick up the phone at anytime to ask questions, go over new ideas or ask advice. Their entire staff is extremely accessible and responsive.

Since we began working with Coopera, our penetration of the Hispanic market is up 10 percent. We rely on this relationship so fully to maintain and expand our opportunities in the Amarillo Hispanic community.

- Arna Reynolds, CEO/President

Travis Credit Union (www.traviscu.org)
Vacaville, California
Asset Size:
$1.9 Billion

With 22 locations in Northern California, our membership is made up of a very diverse population, including a large Hispanic community. We had already set our strategic direction to target our efforts to grow our Hispanic membership when I heard Coopera founder Warren Morrow speak at a conference about how Coopera was helping credit unions with their efforts. I knew at that point we were ready for their help in achieving our initiatives.

We began working with Coopera in 2009, initially utilizing their consulting services to develop strategies to make our credit union more visible in the communities we serve. At their recommendation, we also worked with the Hispanic Opportunity Navigator (HON) to determine how effective we had been in serving the Hispanic community and to identify what the opportunities might be in the future.

With Coopera’s guidance, we have enhanced our outreach programs to build awareness for our credit union within the communities we serve. We have also initiated pilot programs at several of our branches that have larger Hispanic populations. We work regularly with the Coopera team and rely on their guidance for our training programs, including our employee immersion process, as well as our marketing efforts.

Coopera has been a strong strategic partner for us, and we look forward to continue working with them to expand our business opportunities with the Hispanic community in the future.

- Shérry Cordonnier, Director, Corporate Relations

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