Cultural Translations and Proofreading
We understand credit unions and we understand the Spanish language. Our translations convey your message in a culturally relevant way. Our services capture cultural nuances ensuring Hispanics understand the intent of your message and appreciate your sensitivity to their language and culture. Let us translate your marketing materials, signage, disclosures, applications, web sites and more!

Direct Mail Fulfillment 
Are you struggling with how to market to Hispanics in your field of membership? With studies pointing to Hispanics being more likely to respond to direct mail than non-Hispanics, you should be integrating direct mail with your overall Hispanic marketing efforts if you’re not already. If you need full-service direct mail fulfillment, let Coopera create your direct mail postcards, pull together targeted mailing lists and fulfill the mailings for you with our Direct Mail Fulfillment Services.

Prospect List Purchase
If you prefer to handle direct mailing campaigns yourself or if you would like to conduct analytics to better understand your marketplace, we can provide the most advanced consumer information available for the Hispanic market. In addition to all the typical consumer data elements available, our partnerships allow us to provide you information about language preference, national origin, levels of acculturation, place of birth and many other elements that provide a deep insight into your Hispanic market.

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