CUNA News Podcast: Hispanic and Immigrant Communities with Coopera’s Miriam De Dios, 12/25/16
Was 2016 the year that credit unions came around to the idea of partnering with Fintech? Jonathan Mills Patrick, Jack Henry & Associates’ strategic & innovation analyst and advisor, explores the current relationship between the industries. In Younger Hispanics, Financial Institutions See a Future, 12/1/16
Hispanics — or Latinos, a term some prefer — are an attractive market because the population is young and growing at an extraordinarily fast rate. Along with that, spending by Hispanics is growing at a faster clip than for non-Hispanic consumers.

CUinsight: Hispanic Member Growth Not Just For ‘Gateway States’ Anymore, 11/30/16
Fewer people today are surprised when they hear statistics on the growth of the U.S. Hispanic population. It’s been a hot topic of conversation for years. What does surprise them, however, is where in America much of this growth is occurring.

CU Today: How To Serve This Growing Population Segment, 11/22/16
2017 will be the year U.S. credit unions pay much more attention to those who speak limited English and to serving their growing financial needs, asserts one expert. (Denton Record Chronicle): Financial services high on Hispanics, 11/9/16
Hispanics in the U.S. have long been known as “the sleeping giant” for their potential as a substantial and still-growing voting bloc.

ICUL Newsletter: Coopera CEO Named a Woman to Watch by Credit Union Times Magazine, 10/13/16
Miriam De Dios, CEO of Coopera, has been named a Credit Union Times 2016 Woman to Watch. Coopera to Host Webinar on Friendly Financial Terminology for Spanish Speakers, 9/23/16
The 90-minute event promises to increase credit union bilingual staff proficiency with Spanish-language conversations about financial goals.

CUinsight: Is the Hispanic market on your strategic planning radar?, 9/16/16
Across the country, credit union pros are right now huddling around conference tables, meeting at off-site, creativity-inducing locations and dialing in for brainstorming sessions. On the agenda – What will 2017 look like and how can we best serve our community this year?

CUinsight: Connecting with the growing Hispanic market, 9/5/16
Nearly one in six people in the United States is Hispanic, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, but many credit unions are missing out on connecting with that market.

Credit Union Journal Onlione: New Digs: Credit Unions in the Community, 8/29/16
Nearly one in six people in the United States is Hispanic, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, but many credit unions are missing out on connecting with that market.

CUinsight: Watch for the word ‘half’ in Hispanic consumer studies, 8/26/16
As the child of Mexican immigrants, I grew up in a household that was unique in many ways from those of my friends and peers. One of the differences was that my parents paid bills, saved money and accessed credit outside the traditional financial system.

Credit Union Journal Online: NWCUA, Federation Bring Juntos Avanzamos Program to Oregon/Washington, 8/15/16
The Northwest Credit Union Association and the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions have announced a formal partnership to promote the Juntos Avanzamos program among credit unions in the Northwest and to expand access to credit union services to the Hispanic community throughout the region.

CUinsight: Could small loans equal big opportunity for credit unions?, 7/25/16
A new set of proposed rules from the CFPB may put payday lenders out of business. For credit unions, particularly those working to build relationships with consumers who use non-traditional financial services, this could be an exciting door opener.

CU Today: The Real Keys to Reaching Hispanics, 7/15/16
One expert recommends that if a credit union is serious about expanding its reach into the Hispanic market, it needs to focus on its hiring practices.

CU Today: Panel Talks Debit Cards, EMV and 'Capacity of the Mind', 7/7/16
Credit unions were offered some insight here on what’s going on in debit cards, where issues remain with EMV, and even some thoughts related to what’s known as “capacity of the mind.”

CUinsight: Post offices could be credit unions’ next competitors, 7/5/16
When I was a young girl in the U.S., my parents – both born in Mexico – visited the local U.S. Postal Service (USPS) office to do more than buy stamps and mail packages; they also bought money orders.

Credit Union Journal Online: Herrera's Appointment Widely Hailed by CU Advocates, 7/5/16
John Herrera, the man nominated by President Barack Obama to fill a vacancy on the board of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), was widely praised by credit union executives and professionals in the wake of the announcement.

CU Broadcast: What Credit Unions Can Learn From Community 1st's Hispanic Community Connection, 6/6/16
Tapping into the Hispanic community has been a huge priority for many credit unions nationwide. It's a community that is growing by the minute but needs help when it comes to being financially served in a truly helpful and authentic manner.

CU Today: Community 1st Adds Juntos Avanzamos Designation, 5/23/16
The movement has added another Juntos Avanzamos-designated credit union—Community 1st Credit Union in Ottumwa, Iowa.

CUinsight: 5 keys to building a successful bilingual team, 5/18/16
Best growth practices help build a successful English-Spanish speaking team to advance your Hispanic growth strategy. Coopera CEO joins Mexican Consul in celebration of Community 1st Credit Union’s Hispanic member service designation, 5/16/16
Community 1st is the first Iowa credit union to receive the designation, which Coopera and The Federation recently expanded into a nationwide program.

Credit Union Magazine Online: CUs reach out to serve Hispanics’ financial needs, 5/5/16
Juntos Avanzamos works to provide Hispanics with financial products and services in a safe, trustworthy environment.

Ottumwa Courier: Community 1st recognized for empowering Hispanic community, 5/5/16
Community 1st recognized for empowering Hispanic community.

Credit Union Magazine Online: Morrow's mission continues with scholarship program, 4/26/16
The Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) recently awarded $5,750 to four high school students and two college students as recipients of its Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship.

CUinsight: Affiliates Management Company announces hiring of General Counsel Michelle Barker, 4/12/16
Affiliates Management Company (AMC), the holding company of the Iowa Credit Union League (ICUL), is pleased to announce that Michelle Barker has joined the family of companies as General Counsel.

Credit Union Magazine Online: CU Becomes Indispensable to Hispanic Family, 3/24/16
Building a credit history allows family to achieve goals, such as visiting family in Mexico.

CUinsight: Hispanic millenials look for balance as they fuse identities, 3/22/16
Hispanic millennials look for balance as they fuse identities.

CU Today: Common Misperception Can Make Reaching This Demographic Difficult, 3/17/16
That Hispanics are key to future credit union growth—especially for CUs seeking to get younger—is no secret. But where credit union’ strategy for better penetrating the Hispanic market often falls short is that it isn’t just about the language—it’s often more about the device.

CUinsight: Credit union leadership comes together to promote financial inclusion for the Hispanic community and immigrant consumers, 2/27/16
Credit union leadership comes together to promote financial inclusion for the Hispanic community and immigrant consumers. Coopera issues white paper for credit unions on the digital lives of Hispanic consumers, 2/19/16
Miriam De Dios outlines the importance of the digital delivery channel to servicing the growing and influential Hispanic segment.

CUinsight: Hispanics own credit cards but prefer other payment methods, 2/18/16
While more than a third of U.S. consumers use credit cards most often to make purchases, just 19% of U.S. Hispanocs do the same. That is not to say members of this growing and increasingly influential minority group do not own credit cards. In fact, nearly 60 percent have one in their wallets.

Des Moines Business record Daily: Coopera to offer expanded Hispanic outreach to credit unions, 2/5/16
Coopera has expanded a credit union outreach program to Iowa that will target the state's 174,000 Hispanic consumers.

ICUL Newsletter: Iowa Hispanics Gain Access to Fair, Affordable Financial Services Through Credit Unions, 2/5/16
Iowa’s 174,000 Hispanic consumers will soon have more options for financial services in the state thanks to an expanded credit union designation program.

Oskaloosa News: Community 1st CU Receives National Juntos Avanzamos Designation, 2/5/16
On February 5th, Community 1st Credit Union, based in Ottumwa, Iowa received the Juntos Avanzamos (Together We Advance) designation in a national rollout.

Credit Union Journal Online: Juntos Avanzamos Program Expands to Iowa, 2/4/16
The Juntos Avanzamos (Spanish for, "Together We Advance") program now is available in Iowa, home state of consulting firm Coopera.

CUinsight: Hispanic businesses are 'first and foremost' American businesses, 2/4/16
Entrepreneurialism and a solid work ethic are strong tenets of the Hispanic culture. Given these characteristics, it’s no surprise the number of Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S. has expanded as rapidly as it has. Iowa Hispanics Gain Access to Fair, Affordable Financial Services through Credit Unions, 2/4/16
Iowa’s 174,000 Hispanic consumers will soon have more options for financial services in the state thanks to an expanded credit union designation.

CUinsight: Strategic Hispanic growth plans begin with readiness assessment, 1/19/16
The Hispanic market is the largest, fastest-growing segment in this country, but that’s only one reason U.S. credit unions are working hard to learn more about this demographic.

CU Today: A Growth Strategy That Is Waiting, 1/18/16
Despite Latinos being the nation’s largest ethnic minority group at more than 55 million people, most U.S. credit unions continue to overlook the need for a Hispanic growth strategy, one marketing expert asserts.

CUinsight: How to (Truly) Speak Spanish, 9-4-15
Although research indicates proficiency with English is on the rise among Hispanics, it continues to be important for credit unions to demonstrate a willingness to communicate in Spanish.

Credit Union Magazine: Hispanics Offer High Growth Potential, 8-11-15
Credit unions continue to make gradual progress growing their Hispanic membership. Today nearly 25% of Hispanics are members, according to CUNA’s 2015-2016 National Member & Nonmember Survey. That’s up from 21% in 2013.

CUinsight: Focus Groups Help Idaho Credit Union Identify Hyperlocal Issues, 7-28-15
An intentional, strategic focus on the Hispanic member experience has become a top priority for Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU).

Credit Union Times: 7 Ways Credit Unions Miss the Mark on Noninterest Income, 7-17-15
They don't think about demographics: Hispanics are a valuable membership target and a valuable source of noninterest income, Miriam De Dios, CEO of Coopera, a consulting firm in Des Moines, Iowa, said, but credit unions sometimes make the mistake of assuming one size fits all.

CU Today: Will Mobile Replace Branches?, 7-8-15
Miriam De Dios also cautions CUs not to be “misled” by the movement toward mobile, moving too far away from bricks and mortar.

Credit Union Magazine: Eliminate Barriers For Hispanics, 6-23-15
How one CU reached out, built trust, and empowered its local Hispanic market.

CU Today: Surprise: Hispanic Market Growing in Some Unexpected Places, 6-21-15
Miriam De Dios, a Mexican immigrant who grew up in an unbanked household and who is now CEO of Coopera, the Iowa-based company that offers consulting services on reaching the Hispanic market, said that market is “large, fast growing, young and untapped.”

Credit Union Magazine: Credit Builder Card Generates Member Excitement and Loyalty, 6-11-15
Initiative has energized Des Moines Metro CU's Hispanic outreach efforts.

CUinsight: Youngest, Fastest-Growing Consumer Segment Can’t be Ignored by Credit Unions, 6-3-15
We do a lot of talking about the influence of the Hispanic consumer market as we work with credit unions to secure loyalty from the youngest, fastest growing and most underserved community in the U.S. In recent times, this mounting power has been most apparent during presidential elections.

CUinsight: 3 Must-Haves for Connecting with Hispanic Consumers, 5-28-15
Credit unions with strong Hispanic growth programs have three things in common – intention, cultural alignment and an adaptive spirit.

Credit Union Business: Big Data Analytics Help Credit Unions Reach Influential Hispanic Market, 5-1-15
Understanding credit union customers has never been easier thanks to the vast amount of information being exchanged in today's data-driven age. Exploding Opportunity In Exploding Diversity, 4-30-15
The growth of the millennial immigrant population has handed the credit union movement a great opportunity and obligation.

CUinsight: New credit union loan program resonates with Hispanic community, 3-20-15
Recognizing that nearly 40 percent of California’s residents identify themselves as Hispanic, Vacaville, California-based Travis Credit Union has been working diligently to effectively address that need.

CUinsight: America’s youth are increasingly Hispanic, 3-13-15
As your credit union seeks to reach a younger member, remember that strategy often will be synonymous with reaching a Hispanic member.

Credit Union Journal: Top Honors to be Bestowed at Wegner Awards Dinner, 3-6-15
The Iowa Credit Union League is the winner of this year's Herb Wegner Memorial Award in the outstanding organization category. Though Iowa isn't typically thought of as a magnet for newcomers to the U.S. the way border states are, it has a significant immigrant population. That led to the league's launch of Coopera, which offers Hispanic outreach and marketing solutions. The Opportunity In Crowdsourced Lending For A Hispanic Community , 3-3-15
Travis Credit Union ($2.3B, Vacaville, CA) is leveraging immigrants’ customs to reach a large, underserved segment of the population. In mid-2012, the Northern California credit union worked with Latino community groups, the National Credit Union Foundation, and the Coopera consulting firm to pilot the New Era Tanda Loan Program.

CUinsight: Gomez: This is our time to take action, 3-2-15
Ivonet Gomez, marketing manager for USC Credit Union in Los Angeles, was one of more than 50 professionals who attended the Financial Inclusion for Immigrant Consumers Roundtable held in Los Angeles. Following the roundtable, she shared this insight with Coopera.

Credit Union Magazine: Prime Opportunities with Hispanics, 3-1-15
Miriam De Dios, CEO of Coopera, cites three areas in which credit unions can enhance their Hispanic outreach.

Credit Union Magazine: Lead Your CU to Growth In the Hispanic Market, 3-1-15
Credit union leaders who think strategically about membership growth can't afford to ignore the Hispanic market, says Coopera CEO Miriam De Dios.

CUNA News Now: CUNA, Coopera release new toolkit for outreach to Spanish-speaking members, 2-27-15
CUNA and Coopera have announced the latest addition to their partnership product suite, the Spanish Language Seminar in a Box for Members series-- Organice sus Archivos Financieros . The seminar, whose title translates to Organize Your Financial Records, was created to help credit unions better serve their Hispanic members.

Credit Union Magazine: Hispanic outreach: Language is not a barrier to growth, 2-25-15
Cultural awareness matters most to Hispanics, according to Vantage West CU.

CU Today: Looking For Clues on How To Serve Hispanic Market? Look Internally, 2-18-15
CUs seeking better ways to reach the fast-growing Hispanic market should look to their own member data for answers. That is a key point shared in a new Coopera white paper that outlines the benefits of analyzing member data to inform future marketing decisions targeting the Hispanic community.

CUNA News Now: CUs can use big data to reach underserved: Coopera, 2-18-15
A new white paper from Coopera describes how credit unions are leveraging big data to better serve Hispanic members.

Credit Union Magazine: Mastering Hispanic Outreach, 2-18-15
CUs share best practices for connecting to the growing Hispanic community.

CUinsight: Credit unions more curious than ever about immigrant opportunity, 2-17-15
Most recently, we witnessed this growing curiosity among credit union leaders through our financial inclusion campaign with the Federation. Just two webinars and a roundtable event have already brought together close to 250 people excited to discuss how to provide financial inclusion to immigrants impacted by the president’s recent immigration executive order. Immigration Order Spurs Huge Chance To Serve, 2-9-15
Credit union advocates react to Obama move with call to grab market share while serving up trusted financial resources.

Credit Union Magazine: A Moment of Opportunity, 1-22-15
Federal action on immigration offers CUs a prime chance for outreach.

CU Today: Roundtable Sees 'Something Transformative' Taking Place, 1-21-15
More than 50 professionals from credit unions headquartered across greater Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as industry experts, nonprofit leaders, and U.S.-Mexican government representatives, were part of what was described as a “lively discussion” here regarding the legalities and misconceptions surrounding financial services for 3.1 million immigrants living in California.

CU Broadcast: Coopera and the Federation Team Up to Help Credit Unions Attract Millions of Immigrants, 1-14-15
Coopera Consulting's President Miriam De Dios and National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions Director of Membership Pablo DeFilippi join CU Broadcast to discuss the massive growth and financial leadership opportunity immigration reform has for credit unions.

Credit Union Magazine: Executive Action on Immigration Equals Growth for CUs, 1-13-15
Millions of immigrant families need fair, dignified financial services.

CUNA News Now: Coopera, National Federation partner to reach immigrants, 1-8-15
Coopera and the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions have launched a national campaign to reach unbanked and underbanked immigrants in the United States with credit union products and services linked to immigration and legalization efforts.

Credit Union Business: How to Reach Me: A Hispanic Millennial, 1-8-15
With all the buzz on reaching today’s Millennial generation, it’s only fitting we take a look at the make-up of this prime market, of which I happen to be a member. With 43 percent of Millennials being non-white, we are America’s most racially diverse generation.

Credit Union Times: Top 3 Opinions/Letters to the Editor of 2014, 12-31-14
Coopera CEO Miriam De Dios' opinion column "Obama's Immigration Action Could Grow Membership" makes the list of the journal's top pieces of 2014.

CUinsight: Five reasons consumers are unbanked, 12-15-14
For many people – especially those of us working in the financial services industry – it can be difficult to understand why someone would not have a bank account (or if they do, why they would still use costly alternative financial services). Yet, legitimate and systemic reasons for a lack of traditional financial relationships offer a glimpse into the “why’s” behind our nation’s underserved communities.

Credit Union Journal: 'Box of Gold' Helps Immigrants Join Financial Mainstream, 12-15-14
A handful of other credit unions across the U.S. are also seeking to help Hispanic immigrants with documentation problems. Miriam De Dios, the CEO of Coopera, a Hispanic credit union consulting company affiliated with the Iowa Credit Union League, told Credit Union Journal that one of her client credit unions, Fitzsimons Credit Union, a $166-million firm based in Aurora, Colo., just became an ITIN acceptance agent. Another of her clients, the $48-million Des Moines Metro Credit Union in Des Moines, Iowa, is also exploring the possibility of becoming an ITIN acceptance agent.

CU Broadcast: How President Obama's Executive Action on Immigration Impacts CUs, 12-11-14
We invited Coopera Consulting CEO Miriam De Dios to find out how credit unions can benefit from this action and the many, many ways they can provide assistance to these folks -- ultimately becoming a primary financial resource for them in the process. No matter your political lines and/or where you fall on this issue, it certainly provides a great opportunity for credit unions' growth and future business.

CUToday: Study: Hispanic Outreach Programs Boost Lending, 12-4-14
Credit unions looking to boost lending in 2015, particularly auto, should consider a Hispanic outreach program, according to results from a new study.

CUinsight: Credit unions started with service to immigrants, 12-2-14
How did you become the person you are today? For most of us, our parents – their values, habits and beliefs – played a pretty sizable role in developing us as individuals. Yet so did the community and/or communities in which we were raised as children.

Credit Union Times: Obama's Immigration Action Could Grow Membership, 11-25-14

In a historic moment, President Obama recently made one of the biggest announcements on immigration policy since President Reagan’s 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act.

Credit Union Journal: Obama's Immigration Action Provides CUs with Growth Opportunities, 11-25-14
Miriam De Dios, the CEO of Coopera, a Des Moines-based Hispanic credit union consulting firm, spelled out the myriad effects of the immigration plan. For example, as the 5 million people affected by the President's orders start to go through the immigration process, they will need to pay fees for filing immigration paperwork and tax returns, as well as to obtain country-of-origin documents required for the process.

CUinsight: Credit unions set sights on payment competitors to attract underserved Hispanics, 11-18-14

We get asked often why a firm focused on Hispanic outreach is based in Iowa, a state many consider less-than-diverse. In fact, the Hispanic population in our home state more than doubled from 2000 to 2013 and is expected to account for more than 12 percent of Iowa’s population by 2040.

CUinsight: Hispanic market expert breaks down largest, fastest-growing segment for credit union growth, 10-15-14
CUNA is proud to welcome Coopera back to the CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference to help present the emerging markets track.

CUNA News Now: Iowa lauded by NCUF for Hispanic, health care, savings initiatives, 10-15-14
In 2006, ICUL formed Coopera (which means "to cooperate" in Spanish) to meet the financial needs of the nation's largely unbanked Hispanic community. Coopera works with credit unions, leagues and CUNA to connect them with opportunities for growing and serving their Hispanic members.

CUinsight: Walmart is after your untapped market, Hispanics, 10-10-14
I don’t think many of us were surprised to hear of Walmart’s unveiling of a new checking account with an $8.95 monthly fee and no overdraft or returned check fees. After all, the writing has been on the wall for some time, as we’ve watched the mega retailer dip its toes into financial waters.

Credit Union Business: Critical to Hispanic Membership Growth, 10-1-14
Whether your credit union has served Hispanic members for years or is just getting introduced to this influential community, you have a reason to celebrate. By investing in service to the largest, fastest-growing, youngest and most underserved population in the U.S., your cooperative truly is walking the walk.

CUinsight: Five keys to a great remittance program, 9-24-14
With intense growth of the Hispanic market across the country, more U.S. credit unions are looking to add money transfer programs, known as remittances, for Hispanic immigrants with family in Latin America.

CUNA News Now: Showcase cultural partnerships during Hispanic Heritage Month, 9-15-14
"Knowing the cultural makeup of your Hispanic community can influence how and on what days you may choose to celebrate or the content you develop for staff and members," said Anna Pena, client relations manager for Coopera.

Cornerstone Leaguer: CUs in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas have Tremendous Growth Opportunity in Hispanic Community, 9-8-14
Hispanics are the largest, fastest-growing, youngest and most underserved group in the U.S. They also represent a tremendous growth opportunity for credit unions, according to Miriam De Dios, CEO of Iowa-based Coopera. De Dios presented “Demographic Transformation and the Future of Your CU,” at the Cornerstone Credit Union League’s Leadership Conference Saturday in San Antonio, Texas.

CUinsight: Include influential hispanic market in strategic planning, 9-5-14
The law of averages presumes your credit union already serves Hispanic members. The sheer volume and growth of this decidedly “emerged” U.S. consumer market has likely brought many first- and second-generation Hispanics to your door. Yet simply having Hispanic members does not necessarily mean a credit union is serving this influential member segment well.

CUNA News Now: Financial stability highest of young Hispanics' priorities, says De Dios, 9-5-14
While many young Hispanics believe homeownership is part of the American dream, the majority prioritize holding a job and financial stability over buying a home, according to Miriam De Dios, CEO of Coopera, an organization that works with credit unions to help provide financial services to the Hispanic community.

Latin Post: Hispanic Millennials Seeking Education and Financial Stability Before Home Ownership, 9-3-14
Miriam De Dios, Senior Vice President for Affiliates Management Company and CEO of Coopera, a 7-year-old organization based in Des Moines, Iowa, spoke with Latin Post, sharing her insights about Hispanic millennials' intentions and preparedness when buying a home, and her personal experiences as a Hispanic millennial and home-buyer.

CUinsight: How Hispanics pay today (and will tomorrow), 8-28-14
This strategic planning season, two very hot-topic opportunities are expected to be on the minds of credit union leaders: payments and the Hispanic consumer.

Credit Union Magazine: Hispanics Are Young, Growing, and Underserved, 8-1-14
Hispanics are the nation's largest, fastest-growing, youngest, and most underserved demographic.

Pennsylvania Credit Union Association's Keynotes: An Opportunity for Growth: Serving the Hispanic Community, 8-1-14
Miriam De Dios, CEO of Coopera, will unlock some of the most difficult questions surrounding the Hispanic community and how attracting this market can prove to be a great opportunity for growth in your credit union.

Cornerstone Credit Union Leage: CUNA and Coopera Collaborate to Offer Free Webinars to Help CUs Better Reach Hispanic Market, 7-30-14
“Build Internal Buy-in for Your Hispanic Growth Plans” is today’s webinar topic. The program will feature best practices in championing a Hispanic growth strategy in your credit union; how to present a strong business case for serving the growing Hispanic community, and how to create a strategic plan to become Hispanics' preferred financial institution in your area.

Lift Iowa: Female marketing execs share stories, life lessons, 7-28-14
Panelists included Angela Ten Clay, president of AMA Iowa and interactive director at Happy Medium LLC; Diana Deibler, president of Deibler & Co.; Miriam De Dios, CEO of Coopera; Shannon Latham, vice president of Latham Hi-Tech Seeds; and Ann Dieleman, senior vice president and chief marketing and business development officer at ARAG North America.

Credit Union Magazine: Membership Growth Strategies, 7-28-14
Growth strategies emerge from data in CUNA’s National Member & Nonmember Survey.

iowAMArketers: Miriam De Dios Reflects on the Direction of the Industry, 7-15-14
Two primary areas that have continued to evolve and I think have a critical role in how organizations will leverage their marketing capabilities in the future are data and multicultural consumer markets.

National Journal: This Credit Union in Disguise Is Helping Poor Latino Communities, 6-6-14
Miriam de Dios, CEO of Coopera, says many Latino immigrants avoid banks because they usually require a driver's license to open an account. But it's perfectly legal to accept a foreign government-issued ID, De Dios says. She often trains credit-union employees about the different forms of international identification they can accept.

CUNA News Now: Nearly $6K in Morrow scholarships awarded in Iowa, 6-3-14
The Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) distributed $5,750 in scholarships to four high school students and two post-secondary students as part of the 2014 Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship program.

Credit Union Magazine: Internal Advocates Boost Hispanic Membership Growth, 6-2-14
When Greater Iowa Credit Union in Ames acquired two branch locations with large Hispanic membership populations, the senior leadership team knew the credit union had to step up its efforts to serve this important member segment.

Credit Union Business: Hispanic or Latino? 6-1-14
Over the years, there has been constant debate over whether to use the term “Latino” or “Hispanic” when referring to people from Latin America. This is particularly important to credit unions seeking to reach and/or better serve their growing Hispanic or Latino communities.

Credit Union Times: 5 Myths About Hispanic Consumers, 5-14-14
Every organization hoping to increase its reach with the Hispanic market must first understand its target. Five misconceptions held by business leaders today may be hindering progress for businesses, including credit unions, looking to serve Hispanics.

Credit Union Magazine: CU Puts Members’ Needs Above Bottom Line, 5-13-14
Veridian Credit Union in Waterloo, Iowa, has a long history of offering innovative and affordable financial services to members. One way Veridian differentiates its business from other financial service providers is by offering services specifically designed to improve the socio-economic wellbeing of those in greatest need—including the local Hispanic community.

Credit Union Magazine: Solid Foundation Creates Successful Hispanic Outreach, 5-13-14
In 2006, Des Moines (Iowa) Metro Credit Union performed an in-depth analysis to determine whether opening a new branch was the best way to grow its membership base after several years of negative membership growth.

Credit Union Magazine: Hispanic Outreach Key to CU’s Membership Growth, 5-12-14
When Ascentra Credit Union in Bettendorf, Iowa, first attempted to reach out the Hispanic community, it had five branches, two of which were in cities with a Hispanic population growth rate higher than the national average.

CUinsight: Report highlights Hispanic Outreach Opportunities for Iowa Credit Unions, 4-30-14
A new report commissioned by the Iowa Credit Union League (ICUL) highlights opportunities for Iowa credit unions to grow membership and increase revenue through service to local Hispanic communities. Forty-six percent of Iowa Hispanics, which comprise the largest minority group in the state, are unbanked or underserved.

Credit Union Times: Young Leaders Reflect on Industry Changes, 4-20-14
Since 2012, Miriam De Dios has been busy working with her fellow board members on the Network of Latino Credit Unions and Professionals to define the strategic objectives of the national organization.

CUNA News Now: CUs offering citizenship loans for immigrants, 3-11-14
Coopera, a Des Moines, Iowa-based company that works with credit unions to serve the Hispanic market, recommends that its clients offer loans to help members through the citizenship process, said Miriam De Dios, Coopera president/CEO.

CU Broadcast: 'Nearly Complete' Coverage of GAC, 3-3-14
Some of the folks we interviewed in this episode include: Anna Pena, Coopera

CUNA News Now: Coopera white paper: 5 misconceptions CUs have about Hispanics, 2-25-14
Misconceptions about the Hispanic market may be hindering credit unions' ability to better serve this growing demographic, according to a new white paper from Coopera.

CUinsight: New Year, New Growth Strategy, 2-24-14
Warren Morrow, late CEO and founder of Coopera, said it best: “It’s not only important to want to serve these markets, but it’s imperative for a credit union to realize that it needs to serve these markets to remain viable and grow.”

Credit Union Journal: Coopera, CUNA Introduce Hispanic Growth Fund, 2-21-14
Coopera and CUNA are partnering to help CUs reach out to the Hispanic community.

Credit Union Times: Serving Hispanics Requires More Than Simply Spanish, 2-19-14
Anna Peña is client relations manager at Coopera, an Hispanic marketing firm in Des Moines, Iowa, that has worked with CUNA to help credit unions reach Hispanics. She points out you really need to know more than the mere fact that an increasing percentage of your members have Hispanic surnames. Where are they from? How long have they been in the United States?

CUNA News Now: Prepaid cards can fill need in Hispanic market, 2-6-14
Prepaid reloadable cards are often touted as a good fit for unbanked Hispanic consumers who rely one expensive fringe financial service providers to cash checks and send money to relatives in another country. But Hispanic consumers will only embrace prepaid cards if the fee structure is consumer-friendly, according to Miriam De Dios, president/CEO of Coopera.

Cornerstone Leaguer: The Pros and Cons of Prepaid Reloadable Cards for Hispanics, 2-5-14
Hispanic consumers spending time and money to cash checks, to buy money orders to pay bills and to send money to relatives abroad stand to save their money and time by using a prepaid reloadable card. However, as Coopera CEO Miriam De Dios points out, not all prepaid reloadable cards are created equal.

Credit Union Magazine: Improve Service to Hispanics, 1-29-14
Lingering misconceptions might hamper your staff’s ability to serve this fast-growing audience.

Best Prepaid Cards: Hispanic Consumers Propel Prepaid Card Growth, 11-19-13
Miriam De Dios, Chief Executive Officer of Coopera, says prepaid debit cards are good payment options for Hispanic consumers for several reasons.

CUinsight: Tablet banking popular among hot-target demographics, 11-12-13
Important for credit unions is the fact that the trends are not only in the numbers of consumers using tablets; they are also in the type of consumers. The coveted Hispanic consumer, for instance, is a big-time tablet user.

CU Journal: Segmenting Best Way To Reach Fast-Growing Hispanic Market, 11-4-13
A leading expert on the Hispanic market, Miriam De Dios, CEO of Coopera, a subsidiary of the Iowa CU League, cautioned that credit unions and other financial institutons must gain a sound understanding the Hispanic communities they serve. "It's not just enough to begin marketing to this community, you have to understand who this community is," De Dios said.

CUNA News Now: CUNA/Coopera Webinar Gives CUs Tax Fight Outreach Tips, 10-31-13
The Credit Union National Association and Coopera joined forces Wednesday to provide tips on how to engage Spanish-speaking credit union members in CUNA's ongoing credit union tax status advocacy efforts.

Credit Union Magazine: Hispanics Represent CUs’ Largest Growth Opportunity, 9-27-13
Hispanic consumers need credit unions just as much as credit unions need Hispanic consumers, says Coopera CEO Miriam De Dios, addressing the CUNA Operations, Sales, and Service Council Conference in Hollywood, Calif.

CUNA News Now: Council Speaker: Hispanics Represent CUs' Largest Growth Opportunity, 9-25-13
"Hispanics are the largest, fastest-growing, youngest, and most underserved ethnic group in the U.S.," said Miriam De Dios, CEO of Coopera, at the CUNA Operations, Sales, and Service Council meeting in Hollywood, Calif., on Monday.

CUinsight: Why Should Credit Unions Care About Hispanic Heritage Month? 9-13-13
While Hispanics do have some representation in the make-up of credit union leadership, staff and members across the country, their representation remains very low across all of these levels. Too many credit unions are not representative of their fields of membership when it comes to the make-up of their Hispanic membership, leadership and personnel.

Credit Union Times: Immense Purchasing Power Big Reason For Hispanic-Market Strategies, 9-10-13
If you’ve been following the explosion in size and influence of the U.S. Hispanic market, the latest prediction about this critical consumer segment may not surprise you. According to new findings, the average Hispanic household is projected to spend more in their lifetimes than non-Hispanic white households, and by a significant amount – $400,000.

CUNA News Now: CUNA Partners with Coopera for Bilingual Advocacy, 9-9-13
The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) has teamed up with Coopera to engage in bilingual political advocacy beginning with the announcement of “No Le Cobren Impuestos a Mi Credit Union,” the Spanish-language version of the “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” campaign.

CUinsight: Latinas: A Powerful Consumer Segment for Credit Unions, 8-19-13
With the U.S. Census Bureau reporting that one in six U.S. residents is now Hispanic or Latino, we make up the largest minority group in the U.S. We are also a fast-growing population, we’re young and most importantly, we’re largely financially underserved. These are all characteristics that make us a good consumer target for any business, but particularly for credit unions looking to grow.

Credit Union Magazine: Two More Reasons to Keep Healthcare Reform on Your Radar, 8-9-13
In Iowa and Nebraska, credit unions will receive help introducing Hispanics to CoOportunity Health through Coopera, a national credit union leader (and CUNA partner) in helping our movement attract this vital growth market.

Credit Union Magazine: Immigration Reform Will Lead Members to Your Door, 7-24-13
With an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living and working in the U.S., credit union leaders who think strategically about membership growth can’t afford to ignore the important step many Americans are pushing their legislators to take.

Connection: Credit Unions Capitalize on Hispanic Market Potential, 7-22-13
Coopera first provided the participating credit unions with an in-depth analysis of the local Hispanic opportunity, called the Hispanic Opportunity Navigator (HON). Bridgeway FCU’s study showed that, out of 852,000 of the total population in the credit union’s three-county area, 114,000 are Hispanic.

CUinsight: Coopera Promotes Peña to Client Relations Manager, 7-23-13
Peña has a master’s of Public Administration from Drake University and received her bachelor’s degree from Luther College, where she studied Spanish, communication and international studies. Earlier this year, Peña participated in the International Credit Union Leadership Program, which placed her and 10 of her credit-union colleagues in different credit unions or credit union associations across the Dominican Republic.

Credit Union Journal: What You Can Do To Grab This Group Of 1-In-Every-6 Americans, 7-15-13
The sheer size and rapid growth of the U.S. Hispanic population has rightfully grabbed the attention of every major industry in the U.S. For credit unions, this critical market represents unprecedented opportunity for growth. Competition for the loyalty of the largely underserved Hispanic consumer is heating up, and many credit unions are right now deploying strategies to attract and serve the youngest, fastest-growing demographic in the country.

CUinsight: Coopera, CUNA Celebrate Four Years of Success Together, 7-10-13
Since the alliance formed in 2009, both organizations have leveraged each other’s strengths — Coopera’s Hispanic market expertise and CUNA’s extensive resources — to help America’s credit unions grow membership opportunities by reaching and serving Hispanics.

Des Moines Register: Financial education helps out unbanked, 7-1-13
Minorities are less likely to use formal banking services. More than half of black households and 43 percent of Hispanic households are unbanked or underbanked, according to the FDIC. Some of that is cultural, said Miriam De Dios, CEO of Coopera Consulting, a company focused on helping credit unions provide services to Hispanic clients.

Credit Union Magazine: Emerging Financial Markets Are Opportunities for CUs, 7-1-13 Issue
The Emerging Markets Workshop—hosted by Cathie Mahon, president/CEO of the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions, and Miriam De Dios, CEO of Coopera—presented the characteristics of the emerging market that create opportunities for credit unions to seize. Coopera is the only emerging-markets company in the credit union industry with an exclusive focus on the Hispanic member.

CUNA News Now: Morrow Honored As 2013 CU Hero Of the Year, 7-1-13 Issue
Through his work, [Coopera founder] Warren [Morrow] realized the base cause he was trying to address was financial instability in the Latino home. In 2011, Morrow told the Des Moines Register, "I came to realize the disparity in education was a symptom of a larger problem. The root issues are the disparities in access to assets [and] wealth, and economic stability in the household."

Hispanic Executive Magazine: Incorporation through Cooperation, July 2013 Issue
When Miriam De Dios counsels a credit union on engaging with the Hispanic community, she has an invaluable, intangible benefit: she’s lived it. While many of the Coopera CEO’s childhood friends probably received suckers each time their parents visited the community bank, De Dios waited in line with her father at the nearest check-cashing outlet and interpreted for him when language put up a barrier.

CU Broadcast: Inside scoop on Hispanic marketing for credit unions with Coopera's Gustavo Gruber, 6-19-13
It's no secret that the Hispanic population holds great potential for credit unions today and well into the future. But how do credit unions effectively capture this all-important audience's attention? Well, we invited Coopera Consulting's Vice President Gustavo Gruber on the program to find out.

Credit Union Magazine: Why CUs Should Care about Immigration Reform, 6-15-13
On May 21, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the immigration reform bill before it by a vote of 13-5. Although this is merely the beginning of what is sure to be a lengthy legislative process to push proposed reform through to law, it is a positive sign that what has been called “a deep divide” among legislators can be overcome.

Credit Union Times: NCUA Archives Small CU Marketing Webinar, 5-30-13
Sandi Carangi, director of credit union marketing services at the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association, and Gustavo Grüber, vice president of Coopera Consulting Inc. in Iowa, were featured presenters for the webinar and discussed marketing strategies to help credit unions improve outreach to current and potential members.

CUNA News Now: Morrow Named 2013 CU Hero Of The Year, 5-22-13
Credit Union Magazine readers have posthumously named Warren Morrow, the late founder of the Hispanic market solutions company Coopera, as the 2013 Credit Union Hero of the Year.

CUinsight: Define a Hispanic Target Market for Success, 5-16-13
The Hispanic community is a large consumer market with many unique market segments that are often amalgamated into one large group. This is a common mistake when marketing and outreaching to Hispanics.

CUNA News Now: WYCUP Announces Program Agenda, Speakers, 5-15-13
WYCUP nominees who won scholarships to attend this year's World Credit Union Conference in Ottawa included Miriam De Dios, U.S, CEO, Coopera...

Credit Union Times: Immigrations Reform May Prompt Member Push, 5-15-13
Last month, the U.S. Senate introduced an immigration reform bill that proposed a complete overhaul to the country’s immigration system. Although a vote is likely several months away, credit union leaders would do well to begin paying attention now as passage of immigration reform will undoubtedly impact them.

CUNA News Now: Coopera: Hispanics Represent Different Market Segments, 5-8-13
Like most cultural groups, the Hispanic market is made up of several smaller segments, many of which represent opportunities for credit unions, according to a new white paper from Coopera, a Hispanic market solutions company with a focus on credit unions nationwide.

CUNA News Now: NCUA Webinar Gives Broad, Tailored Marketing Tips, 4-24-13
Some credit unions have moved aggressively to serve the Hispanic population, and are looking for ways to refine their approach, Coopera's Gustavo Gruber said in his portion of the presentation. Hispanics are the youngest, fastest growing and most underserved group in the country, and there isn't a credit union in the country today that isn't impacted by the growth of the Hispanic population. "If you aren't, you will be soon," he said.

Credit Union Magazine: Why You Shouldn’t Take Financial Advice from Justin Bieber, 4-22-13
CUs offer better alternatives for young consumers than celebrity prepaid cards.

Fox Latino News: Hispanic Prepaid Debit Cards - A Review and Comparison, 4-18-13
Whereas most cards require payment through a retailer service to add money, the Coopera Card uses its relationship with credit unions to spare cardholders the added expense.

Des Moines Register: Iowa business leaders cautiously cheer immigration bill, 4-18-13
Miriam De Dios, CEO of Coopera, said the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 failed to address the need for a legalization program for immigrants here without permission, but this bill does that and also puts in place additional border security.

Credit Union Magazine: Vote for a CU Hero: Warren Morrow, 4-7-13
Warren Morrow (posthumous) founded Coopera—a full-service Hispanic market solutions company with the belief that Hispanics need credit unions as much as credit unions need Hispanics. Vote Now.

Credit Union Magazine: Forward-Thinking Lending Approach Invigorates California CU, 3-21-13
With 80% of its members identifying themselves as Hispanic, $72 million asset First Imperial Credit Union of El Centro, Calif., knows the importance of catering its products and services to serve the specific needs of this influential community.

CUNA News Now: Coopera, CUNA Offer Free Hispanic Outreach Webinars, 3-8-13
Strategic partners Coopera and the Credit Union National Association are offering two free one-hour Hispanic growth-focused webinars, including one on Wednesday.

CU Times: Hispanics in the U.S. Remain an Untapped Market, 2-27-13
“It’s a big opportunity, and I think credit unions are missing out,” said Miriam De Dios, vice president at Coopera. “The average age of Hispanics in general is 25, so serving the Hispanic audience is a way to lower that average member age.”

CUinsight: Are Hispanic Members a Part of Your Online and Mobile Strategies? 2-20-13
If they aren’t, they should be. Study after study indicates Hispanic consumers make up one of the most tech-savvy demographics in the U.S. This community’s comfort with and dependence on technology is well-documented. Most recently, a Google study found that 86 percent of Hispanics online have broadband, 78 percent of Hispanics online use the Internet as a primary source of information and 9 in 10 Hispanics use mobile phones regularly.

Credit Union Magazine: Culture Club: California CU Immerses Staff in Hispanics’ Language, Customs, 2-18-13
Identifying with foreign-language speakers' challenges improved outreach efforts.

Credit Union Magazine: Latino CU Visionary Leaves Legacy, 2-15-13
‘Hispanics need CUs as much as CUs need Hispanics.’

Credit Union Magazine: Focus on Members’ Lifestyle Needs, Not Cultural Differences, 2-14-13
Bilingual service and collateral can set your CU apart from competitors.

Credit Union Magazine: Santa Cruz CCU Promotes Economic Justice, 2-11-13
Outreach and education position the CU as a community partner and advocate.

Credit Union Magazine: An Underbanked Opportunity, 2-6-13
CUs’ mission aligns well with the needs of 68 million consumers.

CU Times: Hispanic Youth May Be Overlooked Segment, 2-5-13
“If you can win over the first generation, then you’re much more prone to earn the loyalty of the second generation,” said De Dios. “Culturally, there’s a strong sense of responsibility to family, a large number of Hispanic teens are living in tight-knit households where pride and self-reliance are core values."

Credit Union Magazine: Coopera Card Designed for Hispanic Community, 2-1-13
A reloadable prepaid card designed to meet the needs of Hispanic consumers.

Las Vegas Business Press: Area credit unions eye Hispanic market, 1-28-13
The Hispanic Opportunity Report, set for release next month, estimates that if 10 percent of Hispanic adults in each state were members of a credit union, they would contribute an estimated $82 million in loan balances and $28 million to annual income for Nevada credit unions.

Credit Union Magazine: CFPB Issues New Proposal on International Remittances, 1-21-13
Agency also delays the final rule’s implementation date.

Credit Union Journal: Coopera, CUANY Team Up, 1-14-13
The Credit Union Association of New York and Coopera have signed four CUs to take part in the inaugural Hispanic Member Growth Strategy Program: Cooperative FCU, Syracuse, Entertainment Industries FCU, New York City, Bridgeway FCU, Poughkeepsie, and MSBA Employees FCU, Rockville Centre.

Credit Union Journal: Hispanic Market Is Not Just A Single Market, 1-14-13
The Coopera CEO emphasized that growth strategies to reach the Hispanic market should be aligned with the CU's overall growth goals. "We work with credit unions on that," she said. "Reaching the Hispanic market should be a catalyst for the credit union to reach its overall goals."

Credit Union Times: California/Nevada Leagues Report Cites Hispanic Market Opportunities, 1-11-13
In response to demographic data reported by the U.S. Census Bureau following its 2010 national survey, the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, and Applied Research Institute, commissioned Coopera to produce the Hispanic Opportunity Report to better understand the current and future market situation in both states, said Lucy Ito, executive vice president and COO for the leagues.

Credit Union Journal: How To Reach Surging Hispanic Market In '13, 1-7-13
With more than $1 trillion in purchasing power, the U.S. Hispanic community will garner more FI attention in 2013, especially in terms of small business offerings and prepaid reloadable debit, predicts Miriam De Dios.

Credit Union Journal: Scholarships Named After Morrow, 1-7-13
The Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) has renamed its Family Involvement Board Scholarship program as the Warren A. Morrow Scholarship program, which offers two different programs. The name change was made to honor the contributions of Morrow, the former president of Coopera Consulting who died in early 2012.

Credit Union Journal: Iowa’s Coopera Offers Strategies On Expanding Hispanic Membership, 12-14-12
Coopera, a consulting group owned by the Iowa CU League that offers credit unions advise on reaching Hispanic communities, has signed advisory contracts with four New York credit unions to take part in the inaugural Hispanic Member Growth Strategy Program.

Credit Union Journal: Why Hispanic Market Still Represents Huge Opportunity, 12-10-12
Miriam De Dios, CEO of Coopera, a Des Moines, Iowa-based subsidiary of the Iowa CU League that specializes in Hispanic marketing, noted that if "10% of California's Hispanic adults were members of a credit union, they would have contributed an estimated $592 million to annual income and $2.1 billion to loan balances. In Nevada, 10% of Hispanic adults would mean $28 million to annual income and $82 million in loan balances."

CUinsight: As Confidence Grows So Do Credit Unions’ Opportunities, 12-10-12
Today, more than half of Latinos surveyed (51 percent) expressed satisfaction with the direction of the country. And, one-third (33 percent) reported that their finances are in “excellent” or “good” shape.

Credit Union Times: Coopera, CUANY Land Four Credit Unions for Hispanic Outreach Initiative, 12-10-12
Four credit unions have signed on to participate in the inaugural Hispanic Member Growth Strategy program, a joint initiative of Coopera and the Credit Union Association of New York.

Credit Union Times: Many Complications for Remittances, 12-5-12
The large and growing need for affordable remittance transfer services represents an equally large business opportunity for credit unions. This is especially true for those U.S. cooperatives serving Hispanic members with family in Latin America.

Credit Union Times: California and Nevada Leagues Bask in Recovery Mode, 11-21-12
Why aren’t more Hispanics involved in credit unions? According to De Dios there’s ignorance on both sides. Some credit unions think Hispanics are mainly undocumented and with few economic resources. Many Hispanics think credit unions just don’t want to serve them.

Credit Union Times: Regulation Just One of Many Issues Complicating Remittance, 11-12-12
Once the domain of Latin mom-and-pop shops, remittance services have in recent years become accessible to Hispanic and other consumers through their local credit unions.

Des Moines Register: Coopera CEO says election illustrates growing Hispanic clout, 11-7-12
“This election demonstrated the power of the Hispanic vote more than ever,” said Miriam De Dios, chief executive of the Coopera credit union consulting firm. “The face of the American voter is changing and we – Hispanics – have more influence.”

Credit Union Magazine: What Political Parties Can Learn From CUs, 10-31-12
Hispanic voters are weighed down by the same issues plaguing other U.S. populations: the recovering economy, a weak jobs market, education and healthcare, as well as reducing the federal deficit and the gap between the rich and the poor.

CUNA News Now: CUNA, Coopera launch Hispanic portal, 10-12-12
A Hispanic Resources Portal, provided by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and Coopera, is now live on Credit Union Magazine's online site.

Credit Union Magazine: Embrace Differentiation and Underserved Markets, Miriam De Dios, 10-1-12
The credit union movement’s greatest success has been its strong differentiation in the marketplace. As community-oriented organizations, credit unions seek to improve their members’ financial lives.

Credit Union Journal: People - Gustavo Grüber, 10-1-12
Gustavo Grüber has been named VP for Coopera, Des Moines, Iowa.

Selling Prepaid: How to reach Hispanics with prepaid, 9-28-12
Miriam De Dios, Chief Executive Officer at Des Moines, Iowa-based prepaid card program manager Coopera, said in a July 2012 webinar that prepaid cards are ideally suited to Hispanics.

PaymentsSource: Bilingual Prepaid Card Praised for its Affordability, 9-26-12
The Coopera prepaid Visa card was ranked the fifth most affordable prepaid card by online financial planning website NerdWallet.

The Des Moines Register: Coopera debit card receives national recognition, 9-25-12
An Iowa economic development firm has been recognized by the NerdWallet consumer comparison website for providing one of the most affordable prepaid debit cards in the U.S. It ranked the Coopera Prepaid Reloadable Visa Card as the fifth most affordable prepaid card.

Credit Union Times: Meet 10 Credit Union Board, Committee Members Under 40, 9-17-12
Miriam De Dios is the CEO of Des Moines, Iowa-based consulting firm Coopera, which assists credit unions with Hispanic outreach efforts, but she isn’t stopping there when it comes to connecting credit unions with this largely unbanked ethnic group.

CUinsight: Coopera Names Gustavo Grüber as Vice President, 9-13-12
Gustavo Grüber has been named Vice President for Coopera, an Iowa-based economic development firm, helping credit unions nationwide reach and serve the emerging Hispanic market.

CUNA News Now: Iowa CUs Embrace Hispanic Growth, 9-12-12
"Credit unions have really adapted to the market, not necessarily by creating new infrastructure but using their existing brick and mortar," [Coopera's Anna] Peña said. "In some areas, where member growth and loan growth were stagnating, Hispanic membership has been a primary driver of growth."

PaymentsSource: Credit Unions Push Prepaid with Lower Fees, 9-5-12
"Prepaid cards act as a credit union's foot in the door to some of the most important up-and-coming markets, including members of Generation Y and the underserved," wrote Miriam De Dios in a recent white paper.

CUNA News Now: Iowa Foundation Launches Morrow Memorial Scholarship, 8-30-12
The Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF)'s annual "Family Involvement Board (FIB) Scholarship" has been renamed the "Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship" in celebration of Morrow's life and achievements in Hispanic culture and the credit union industry.

CU Journal: Underserved Spending $29 Billion On Non-Bank Financial Services, 8-23-12
Underserved consumers, including those in the Hispanic community, are spending in excess of $29 billion per year on non-bank financial services, such as money orders, check-cashing and payday advances – meaning prepaid reloadable cards provide CUs an excellent entryway to serve this consumer segment. That is the observation of Coopera CEO Miriam De Dios, who shared advice to CUs on how to set apart their prepaid cards in a new white paper titled, “Prepaid Reloadable Cards Are Not Created Equal.”

CU Times: Hispanic Communities Are Largely an Untapped Market, 8-12-12
Credit unions might believe they’re doing all they can to target valuable demographic groups, but there’s one market that many are neglecting, said one consulting firm and its credit union clients. Hispanics are a rapidly growing market, according to Des Moines, Iowa-based firm Coopera Consulting.

CU Times: Coopera's De Dios Feted, Elected, 8-9-12
Miriam De Dios, CEO of Latino credit union marketing specialist Coopera in Des Moines, Iowa, has recently received two industry honors. De Dios was awarded the World Council of Credit Union’s Young Credit Union People scholarship at the World Council’s conference in Poland in mid-July. She also has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Network of Latino Credit Unions & Professionals.

CUNA News Now: CU in Iowa revs its Hispanic outreach, 6-18-12
Michael Adams outlined the steps Greater Iowa took to approach the Hispanic community, including partnering with Coopera. Coopera provided translation services, cultural awareness training, financial education material, and other services.

Credit Union Magazine: Five Simple Ways to Attract Hispanic Members, 6-14-12
Hispanic outreach is an investment in your CU’s future, and there are ways to start small.

Des Moines Business Record: A Closer Look: Miriam De Dios, 5-11-12
Miriam De Dios’ story could be defined by two things: hard work and giving back to the community. After working for State Farm Insurance and John Deere Financial, De Dios was the first hire at Coopera Consulting, a company formed in 2006 to help credit unions reach and serve the Hispanic community.

CU Broadcast: ‘Hispanic Opportunity Navigator’ with Coopera’s Miriam De Dios, 5-4-12
It's no doubt the Hispanic community is vitally important to credit unions today and will be well into the future. So how can credit unions take advantage of this huge opportunity to attract Hispanics to their organizations? Well, luckily we have Coopera's Miriam De Dios, to provide us with all the right answers.

Credit Union Times: Miriam De Dios Promoted to President of Coopera, 5-2-12
A native of Jalisco, Mexico, who witnessed her own parents’ struggles to navigate the U.S. financial system, De Dios has been passionate about furthering Coopera’s mission of connecting more Hispanics – both immigrant and U.S. born – with the financial mainstream. Credit unions, she believes, are the answer.

Credit Union Times: CUANY, Coopera Team Up on Hispanic Member Strategy, 4-30-12
The Credit Union Association of New York and Coopera have teamed up to offer the 2012 Hispanic Member Growth Strategy program to member credit unions.

Credit Union Journal: Other Strategies For Effective Outreach, 4-16-12
Miriam De Dios offered these additional strategies for an effective program for effectively working with the Hispanic market...

Credit Union Journal: The HR Component Of Hispanic Outreach, 4-16-12
Miriam De Dios, VP of Coopera, explained that while effective marketing to the Hispanic community is essential, just as import is having a well-planned hiring process that attracts the right people to work with this rapidly growing market segment.

Credit Union Magazine: Are You Asking the Right Questions, 4-10-12
Smart credit union executives realize the face of the American consumer is changing, and that to grow membership they must adapt to new consumers.

Credit Union Times: Coopera, TMG Add Prepaid Card Clients, 4-6-12
Four more credit unions have committed to prepaid reloadable and gift card programs from The Members Group and Coopera.

Fox News Latino: Latinos Are the Least Served Group by Financial Institutions, 4-5-12
Miriam De Dios emphasized that, according to reports, 50 percent of U.S. Hispanics do not have a traditional relationship with financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, but rather use alternative financial services, generally at higher cost.

Latin American Herald Tribune: Hispanics, the Group Least Served by Financial Institutions, 4-5-12
“The credit unions must understand that the face of the U.S. consumer is changing and that for there to be growth, (they) must adapt to new consumers, instead of forcing those consumers to adapt to (them),” Miriam De Dios, vice president of Coopera Consulting, in Des Moines, Iowa, told Efe.

Credit Union Business: Building Community – Reaching the Critical Hispanic Market with Prepaid Tools, Credit Union Business, 3-29-12
In order for a reloadable program to be most effective with Hispanic members, it must be built specifically for this type of cardholder. Programs like the Coopera Card, a reloadable Visa prepaid card designed for Hispanic cardholders, have the best chance easing unbanked consumers into the financial mainstream.

Credit Union Times: Warren Morrow, Coopera Founder, Remembered With Donation, 3-26-12
A $20,000 donation has been made to the Iowa Credit Union Foundation in honor of Warren Morrow, the 34-year-old CEO and founder of Coopera who died last month.

Credit Union Times: Remittance Transfer Rules Apply to Most Credit Unions, 3-13-12
Coopera, a sister company of PolicyWorks that helps credit unions implement remittance services specifically for Hispanic members, has advised credit unions to work closely with vendors to ensure they are on track to comply with the new rules as of Feb. 7, 2013.

CUNA News Now: Coopera revamps Hispanic outreach online resource for CUs, 3-12-12
Coopera has revamped its site to provide improved online resources for credit union staff seeking educational materials and affordable products for reaching the emerging Hispanic market.

Credit Union Times: Coopera Boosts Online Outreach, 3-9-12
Coopera has unveiled an improved online resource at to help credit unions reach the Hispanic market.

Credit Union Magazine: Morrow’s Vision Lives On at Coopera, 3-7-12
Few people are fortunate to have a truly inspiring mentor. Fewer still are those who also call their mentors friends. Warren Morrow, founder/CEO of Coopera Consulting, was both for me. Warren was an admirable person from whom I learned a lot, and his sudden passing last month has made me reflect on many things.

Greater Iowa Credit Union News: Latino scholarships created in memory of Warren Morrow, 3-6-12
Greater Iowa Credit Union has created a new scholarship program for Latino high school students to honor the memory of a Des Moines man who dedicated his life to creating opportunities for Latinos in Iowa and nationally.

Credit Union Journal: Members Group Offers Reloadable Cards To Underserved, 3-1-12
Instant issuance will be available on TMG’s ATIRAreload product, as well as on the Coopera Card, a reloadable prepaid card offered by Coopera in partnership with TMG. Built specifically for Hispanic cardholders, the Coopera Card is supported by Spanish and English cardholder service via and live agents, as well as bilingual and culturally relevant marketing materials and disclosures.

Credit Union Times: TMG Adds Instant Issuance to Prepaid Card Services, 2-29-12
The Members Group in Des Moines, Iowa, said it has added

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